Crafted by a fashion industry veteran, Lisa Veltri was determined to find materials  of the same quality she had worked with for top brands in New York City – with one twist – eco-conscious alternatives. With the growing waste crisis from single-use plastics, it was on us to design a product that helps deal with the problem, rather than exacerbate it. Our bags are primarily composed of nylon fabric spun from recycled PET – meaning each Veltri bag contains approximately 10 plastic water bottles. 

There are three reasons we chose recycled materials over virgin nylon:

1. With the growing crisis of single-use plastics, it was on us to
design a product that gives new life to post-consumer waste. 
2. As new plastic is derived from oil, we want to conserve resources.
3. Less energy is used in the recycling process compared to production of virgin plastic.

Not only do we create the highest quality of accessories and bags, but Veltri Sport is committed to designing products that support both our environment and community. All of our products are intentionally designed, both durable and easy to clean, ensuring their long life in service to you.

At the moment, 90% of our product is made with recycled textiles. We are actively working to improve the sustainability of our product, while maintaining quality and integrity.

Our Carbon Footprint

At Veltri Sport, we’re taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, and it’s an ongoing project. Our business model is based on sustainability, from sourcing and production to advertising and distribution. We are actively adopting new technologies to reduce our carbon emissions and provide our customers with an eco-conscious shopping experience.

Our website is hosted by a carbon neutral platform.

Energy used by data servers is offset by investments in renewable energy.