Founded with a mission
Versatile, functional backpacks and accessories, responsibly made with sustainability in mind.
Founded by a Fashion Industry Veteran and Equestrian Daughter

Veltri Sport, also known as a premiere backpack company, grew its roots filling a gap in the english riding gear market helping equestrian athletes express themselves through modern and sophisticated accessories from the barn to the show ring. We are not just used as english riding gear, however, the versatility of our products makes for a seamless transition to other sports and activities for our customers who live an active lifestyle. Veltri is committed to bringing new life to old plastic, with 90% recycled materials in our products. We are continuously striving to achieve new and existing sustainability goals. Veltri Sport is not just a backpack company, but a lifestyle. Check out our selection!

Responsibly made with intentional design and quality, eco-conscious materials.
Support Sustainable

We are committed to fostering a more sustainable future. Each Veltri product is made with 10 recycled water bottles. The best part? With our bags and accessories, you never have to sacrifice function or quality to be eco-conscious. 


We are proud to sponsor organizations in and out of the equestrian community committed to making a difference.

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